Corel Expert | Transparent Card
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Transparent Card


86mm x 54 mm


0.76mm (Same as your bank card)


Gloss or matt laminate finish with rounded corners


white ink


individual in ploy pack


CMYKW Five colour process | 2 sides

Top Tip

Add the most exquisite pictures of art on your plastic cards to make them classy and trendy. How fine would such a fashion look on your business card…

About This Project

INDIGO PRINTS offers an all new style for your Plastic cards need. We’ll print your names on transparent card, which will be stylish looking material that will give a classy appeal to your tranparent cards as well as to your personality too.

Printed Transparent cards gives you an ‘out of the box’ look as we give you a complete customization. You can get an image printed, or even a simple written name gives it the most stylish appeal that will surely hold a person’s eyes on to it.