Corel Expert | Round Luggage Tag
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Round Luggage Tag

About This Project

Luggage tags help identify luggage, and round luggage tags make this even easier. Being different from the usual square or rectangular luggage tags, round tags are easy to notice. Moreover, you can personalize these tags even more by adding your favorite quotes, logos and punch lines, especially with Ekprint.

We are well known for producing unique luggage tags to meet your requirements, with its design, branding and other specifications tailored according to your needs. What’s more is that, we have an array of templates you can choose from. Simply upload your choice or design along with the content you want printed. It’s that easy.

Material : Plastic

Thickness : 700 micron


Tag Size : 95 x 95 mm Print Area : 85 x 85 mm Bleed Size : 96.5×96.5


Rubber Tag