Corel Expert | Recycled Business Card
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Recycled Business Card

About This Project

At Corel Expert, we know that a first impression lasts. This is why we help you create business cards fit for your needs. A great marketing tool, they serve as a tool to seize new business opportunities. Adhering to corporate social responsibility, we introduce business cards, which are made of recyclable materials.

In order to design your own recyclable business cards, you can either select from a variety of templates designed by professional graphic designers or create your very own design and upload it on our website. Extending the theme of personalization, you can opt for rounded edges for the business cards. Next, choose the industry type based on your requirements to finish the process.


Size : Final Card Size : 88 x 54 mm | Matter Area : 80 x 50 mm | Bleed Area : 91×57 mm

Paper : Recylcable Card – 240 gsm

Production Time : 2-3 working Days

For any kind of assistance call : 9811993550, 8506808020 or email :