Corel Expert | Personalised Kids Book
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Personalised Kids Book

About This Project

Corel Expert now offers a creative tool to make your toddler feel special with our personlized kids book range.

“My First Book of ABC “in English and “ Meri Pahli HIndi Varnmala” is a Personalized book with your kids photo printed on cover and name printed on each page is designed to teach your preschool child the ABC’s or Hindi Aa, Aaa and inspire learning while reading and having fun together with this book that uses pictures of objects and clear word labels to demonstrate each letter and beside that space for practice too of the alphabet in Hindi and English. To make it interesting you can use them as a color book.

It shape self-assurance through replication and inspires children to build the terminology and verbal skills that form the underpinning of early education.

Best suitable for to gist your kid or others on their birthday as return gift or as a reward to kids.

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Photo and Name on cover page
Name on each page of book
Dedication Message

Set of 2 Personalized Books Rs. 500

Hindi (Meri Pahli HIndi Varnmala): Consist of 28 Pages including cover Cost Rs. 300

English (My First Book of ABC: Consist of 32 Pages including cover Cost Rs. 300


Size: 8.5x 11 inches each

Cover: Multicolor Printed on 300 gsm Art Card

Inside Pages: Multicolor Printed on 100 gsm Deo Paper

Production Time: 3-4 working Days