Corel Expert | Exhibitor Card
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Exhibitor Card

About This Project

Exhibitor cards are used to identify visitors and delegates at commercial activities like exhibitions, conferences and events. They are usually printed in attractive color combinations, and different sizes. Corel Expert is well known for printing high-quality exhibitor cards for various clients that can be used as marketing and communication tools, to bring in many new clients.

We print exhibitor cards using only the highest quality basic materials, and with classy techniques of international industry standards. Moreover, we ensure that these cards have a clear presentation, and a water resistant, glossy/ matte finish. We also offer variable date printing if required.


> High Print quality
> Clear presentation and excellent color combination
> Helpful medium in targeting the potential clients
> Satisfy each aspect of advertising, marketing and communication
> Water resistant finish
> Variable Date Printing (Optional)


Size : 90×135 mm (Vertical or horizontal) almost like a postcard size

Material : ISO standard plastic (PVC)

Punching : Slot

Finish : Gloss/Matt

Production Time: 1-3 Days

​For any kind of assistance call : 9811993550, 8506808020 or email :