Corel Expert | Collage Posters
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Collage Posters

About This Project

Finding the exact design, you want for your wall decor can sometimes feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. In such cases, turn to Corel Expert, to help you bring your vision to life. Beginning with the pattern, print or photographs to the color and dimensions, your creativity is fueled by our customizable solutions.

Additionally, you can even personalize your collage posters to reflect your brand or promote movements that reflect a message which resonates with you, as a company. What’s more is that you can even gift them or simply use them as personalized memoirs for your company or family event.


Size 12.5×18.5 inches

Paper : 300 gsm Art Card

Printing: SIngle side printed multicolor

to paste on wall self adhesive tape at back side provided