Corel Expert | Blister Silver Coin PVC Card
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Blister Silver Coin PVC Card

About This Project

Silver Coin Cards are widely used by banks, corporations, and jewelers to promote their services and products. You can use these cards to specify the distinguishing factors offered in your product and service range. Moreover, with these cards, you geta competitive advantage, as they promote your brand and help establish an identity for your enterprise.

We screen print these cards on PVC blister cards with self-adhesive, to get maximum gloss and finish. The cardsare 86 x 54mm in size, and 760 microns thick. The size of the circle according to the weight is 30.5 x 30.5mm for 5gms, and 37 x 37 mm for 10gms.


Material : PVC Blister Card with Self Adhesive

Printing : Screen Printed

Card Size : 86 mm x 54 mm

Thickness : 760 microns

Size of Circle according to grams available with us

5 gm = 30.5×30.5 mm

10 gm = 37×37 mm

For any kind of assistance call : 9811993550, 8506808020 or email :