Corel Expert | Blister Gold Bar PVC Card
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Blister Gold Bar PVC Card

About This Project

Gold bar cards are extensively used by banks and jewelers. These cards make great gifts and work as a marketing collateral as well, for branding and promotion. You can add your logo tagline, address etc. to personalize them, and use them for marketing. Usually, these cards have gold coins or biscuits of different sizes and weights at the center.

At Corel Expert, we also offer to print these cards in various sizes, weights and other specifications, according to your need. They can really help you stand out from your competitors.

The following are the sizes available with us:

2 gm = 13×20 mm

5 gm = 19×29 mm

10 gm = 23.5×37 mm

15 gm = 25.5×39.5 mm

20 gm = 29×44.5 mm

50 gm = 34×53 mm


Material : PVC Blister Card with Self Adhesive

Printing : Screen Printed

Card Size : 86 mm x 54 mm

Thickness : 760 microns

For any kind of assistance call : 9811993550, 8506808020 or email :