Corel Expert | Bill Book, Voucher & Others
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Bill Book, Voucher & Others

About This Project

Features & Specifications


Letter (8.5×11 Inches) Vertical or Horizontal

A-5 (5.5×8.5 inches) Vertical or Horizontal for Reciept, Cash Memo & Challans

A-5 (8.5×5.5 inches) for Voucher Pad

Types of Book and No. of Pages: (for Bill, Cash Memo, Reciepts & Challan)

1+1 Duplicate – 1 Book Contain 50 pages Original + 50 pages Duplicate

1+2 Triplicate – 1 Book Contain 50 pages Original + 50 pages Duplicate+ 50 pages Triplicate

Paper Type:

1st copy – Original on 80 gsm Bond/TA Paper, 2nd Copy – (Duplicate) on Yellow paper 70gsm

(Optional) 3rd Copy – (Triplicate) on pink color Paper 70gsm

Types of Book and No. of Pages: (for Voucher)

1 Gum Pad consist of 100 pages on 80 gsm TA Paper

Printing Type:

Single colour Black only


Left Side Biniding or Top Binding

Gum pad for Voucher only

Numbering :

Free of cost As required or from 001