Corel Expert | Best Wishes Card/Stickers
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Best Wishes Card/Stickers

About This Project

A small gesture that often goes a long way. The Best Wishes Cards/ Stickers allow you to add a short message to the recipient of your gift. Add a personal touch to your gift by writing a few words on the gift receiver’s special day.

Festive celebrations or special occasions are made delightful by the exchange of gifts and sweets. Browse through our selection of designs, logos, and images, crafted by professional graphic designers or create your own design and upload the same on our website. Finalize your design and place your order for your very own personalized best wishes cards or stickers!

Specification :

Size : Final Card Size : 87 x 55 mm | Matter Area : 80 x 48 mm | Bleed Area : 91×58 mm

Paper : Art Card – 300 gsm | 90 gsm Sticker (Self adhesive)

​Printing : Multicolor

Production Time : 1-3 working Days

For any kind of assistance call : 9811993550, 8506808020 or email :