Corel Expert | Economy Card
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Economy Card


86mm x 54 mm


0.63mm ( with lamination )


Gloss or matt laminate finish with rounded corners


no extra


individual in ploy pack

Top Top

Don’t let your buyer feel al low priced product would be any less. Show them the best and let them guess the price before you surprise them with such an affordable cost to buy!


CMYK four colour process | 2 sides

About This Project

Thinking Economical? … we do the same. If you want ‘all of it’ at an affordable price, trust us you’ll get that too.

Indigo offers Economy Card with a complete space for you to enter anything you wish on your cards. Economy Cards are mainly used for  tickets, promotional activities , event pass, bulk distribution, fund raising cards etc.O My God, that means no extra plate charges! Now that is real economical cards. They come with multicolored front printing at no additional plate charges. Now you can get printed your company aspects, goal, vision, and all of that sort.